Contemporary Thai Massage

Contemporary Thai Massage is my love at first sight, or rather at first touch, and currently my favourite form of working with a person.
As a physiotherapist I have come to love it for its deep work on the soft tissues, and as a person looking for more than only ‘fixing the body’, for its holistic approach and its energy dimension.


My Thai massage combines Eastern tradition with contemporary Western inspirations. It incorporates elements of classical and dynamic Thai massage, Osteothai, Wuo Tai, as well as elements of fascial and trigger point work. It is a unique combination of massage, yoga, meditation, physiotherapy, acupressure and energy work.

It covers the whole body, starting from the feet and ending with a facial massage. It is based on deep embraces, gentle stretching recollecting passive yoga, as well as light rocking, oscillations and rhythmic movement that improve the flow of energy in the body, restoring harmony and vitality and activating our dormant self-healing processes.

The massage is performed over clothes, without the use of oils, and the person being massaged lies on a comfortable mattress on the floor.

Relaxing/prophylatic massage

The relaxing massage is mainly based on elements of classical and fascial massage. Its aim is the deep relaxation of the body and mind and thus regeneration of the organism, but also the realizing the tensions and making the fascia flexible.

For the massage I use natural oils and after consultation also aromatherapy. The massage is performed with the accompaniment of relaxing music and can cover the whole body or its individual parts, e.g. back massage, back and shoulder massage, leg massage, foot massage.

Office massage

Office massage / Work site massage has been created mainly for employees who spend their working hours in a sitting position (office workers, corporate workers), but it is also used for manual workers, or everywhere where quick regeneration of the organism and health-promoting prophylaxis are important, which directly translates into employee satisfaction and work efficiency.

Another name for this massage is work site massage or simply – workplace massage. As the name suggests, it can take place at the workplace on a regular basis or just once during conferences, training sessions or special days at the company.

The advantages of office massage are:

  • short duration: about 20 minutes (basic version),
  • it is performed at the workplace, on a special ergonomic chair occupying less than 1 m2 ,
  • it is aimed at the most overloaded parts of the body (spine, neck, shoulder girdle, head, upper limbs)
    combines the most effective techniques of many forms of massage, stretching, acupressure and manual
  • it is performed through clothing without the need to prepare for the massage in advance.

Admission Hours:

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